Authentic AF. is the brainchild of M&J, two dynamic individuals with a simple idea; affordable luxury. Authentic AF.'s team is multi-national from all corners of the world. We are well aware of the communication barriers that arise in this industry - and they're not obstacles that we face, because we are all English Natives at Authentic AF.! This is our niche; we like to think that we are in the right industry at the right time. 

There is a lot of skepticism that falls under online shopping as it is stigmatized due to the constant horror stories you read online. At Authentic AF., we pride ourselves on our relationships with all of our customers. Your happiness and satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Over the course of six years, the only complaints we’ve ever received from customers is that they wish they had more space in their closets!

Authentic AF. was established in 2013, with the idea of providing the best personal shopper experience online. This is the core foundation of our store; our focus has always been high quality products with the best customer service available.

We are not new to the industry, so we know all the tricks of the trade - and we are 100% transparent with all our customers about them. We believe that each and every customer needs to understand all the little things, before making the big decision of going through with purchasing online. According to people (everywhere) there are different grades/qualities of replicas. Whoever established this idea was obviously in the market of duping people, because the truth is, there is only one quality: A REPLICA. What do we mean? Read our blog post, REPLICA EDUCATION 101 to understand more.

According to some bloggers, self proclaimed replica experts and others who feel that they're well versed in all things replica, AAA or 1:1 are the best replicas on the market. FALSE! Ultimately, all these terms that people use mean one thing: a good counterfeit product. We would like to emphasize 'counterfeit'. Counterfeit means something that is made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud. 

There are self-proclaimed designer brand experts who swear they've bought the "best replica". Unfortunately, this is not always true - unless they’ve purchased it from Authentic AF.. Most times, consumers are duped into buying low quality products because of an online recommendation - and the price is really low. Those consumers are being misled into spending money on deception.

FACT: A replica is an exact copy or model of something/a duplicate. This means that regardless of it being a duplicate, it needs to be EXACTLY the same as the authentic; it has to be PERFECT, not 'good' or 'best'. High quality materials that the authentic products are made from are not cheap, so why would an exact copy be priced low? An actual replica doesn't come cheap as real replicas are perfectly accurate - 100% ACCURATE as they should be.

We assure you that the Asian seller (everyone knows at least one) who promises you that they have the best quality products is lying to you, because what they have are mediocre knock-offs (counterfeit) that won't last a year. How do we know? We know.

REALITY: In Asia, even leather is replicated. You may think you have a leather bag, because it looks like leather, feels like leather and even smells like leather, BUT, the truth is that it's most likely a synthetic material that has been mastered to mimic leather. This material is often referred to as “Vegan Leather” in the fashion industry. But, we’re talking high quality, so in other words, it’s just a really impressive faux leather.

REMEMBER: you get what you pay for; if it's 'cheap' then don't be surprised with what you receive.

SILVER LINING: We believe that your money should be an investment that you’re 100% content with, something that you can use for decades -  and then pass it down.

Our motive: if you want the real thing but can’t afford it, then we will give you the real thing affordably! The quality of our products are the highest in the market as they are an exact duplicate of their authentic counterpart. We have personally handpicked all of our materials from around the world, not just China. We do not solely source our products from Asia; our products are made under the European standard as that's the only standard we work by, and are made by a private manufacturer solely commissioned by us. This manufacturer is the best of the best, and has been in the designer industry for decades. A lot of our products are crafted by hand by established artisans who have dedicated their lives to creating perfection. Our products last a lifetime, because they are nothing short of perfection.

What sets Authentic AF. apart from everyone else, other than what we have already mentioned, is that we have traveled the world to find the best materials, and have not limited our search to one country based on how cheap we can source products for. Our bags are made side by side to the authentic product to ensure we don't miss even the smallest details. Our goal isn’t profit oriented; a customer in a fit of excitement over their bag is more rewarding than a sale.

Authentic AF. is a premium brand store without the ridiculous pricing. We impose the highest of standards - and our manufacturer complies with them. We have thousands of happy customers worldwide, and still counting!

Authentic AF. is an avid animal lover, and is also ANTI-ANIMAL ABUSE.

Here at Authentic AF., we are active supporters in the fight for Animal Rights. We believe that animals are our friends, and we are anti-animal cruelty. We go to great lengths to ensure that no animals are treated inhumanely to make our products. We donate 10% of all sales to animal rescues, and animals that are in need.