Here at Authentic AF., health and safety is priority.

Authentic AF. has gone to great lengths to ensure that each and every product of ours has been wiped down (sanitized) with medical grade disinfectants, and sprayed with a leather friendly sanitizing solutions as added protection. Also, all our products are handled with gloved hands - and we all wear surgical face masks when handling products as that is part of our protocol. 

Please note that all of our bags are already produced and available for dispatching from our studio. Our hands (with nitrile gloves) are the only hands that have touched them within the last couple of months. Our manufacturer is solely commissioned by Authentic AF. - and our team heads regularly do surprise visits to ensure that they’re following safety instructions as per the World Health Organization.

We hope that all our customers and their families are safe - and healthy during this time. 

Kind regards,
Authentic AF.